20 Best Metal Detecting Finds

metal detecting finds

There have been some amazing stories that come from amateur treasure hunters that were using metal detectors to search for valuable objects. These hunters have hit the jackpot and found ultra-rare gold and silver coins while others came across pirate loot that could have existed centuries ago.

Metal Detecting Finds

Finding valuable objects with metal detectors is not as rare as it might seem. There are many instances where amateur treasure hunters came across items that are worth thousands of dollars. Many small treasures add up over time, and coins that were made with precious metals stay valuable over time.

Some of these hunters came across their treasures completely unexpectedly, while others spent months and years searching for their big jackpot. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting metal detecting finds and discuss some of the types of objects that you might expect to find after starting your own hunt for valuable objects, with a metal detector.

Top Metal Detecting Finds

You may be the next person to find an ultra-rare coin when taking out your metal detector for a simple treasure hunt. One man in Denmark had taken his metal detector out for the first time and found a hoard of gold jewelry. Over 22 gold objects. Source.

Several treasure hunters traveled to an old abandoned mine in Chile and one of them found an 1893 Chilean Silver Coin. There’s another story of a similar coin being found on a Chilean beach a few years later.

There’s also a neat story about a treasure hunter finding some golden necklaces that could have come from as early as 1200 B.C. This unbelievable finding could be valued at more than a million dollars.

Would you believe that metal detectors have also been used to find objects that haven’t even originated on Earth? That might seem like an impossible claim, but someone indeed came across a meteorite in New Mexico. The space rock had metals inside of its small core that sent off the signals in the metal detector that was used to find it. This might be one of the most fascinating stories and certainly, one of the top finds from any metal detecting enthusiast.

Best Metal Detecting Finds List

Here are 20 gold and silver coins that are worth a fair penny. These estimations are based on different conditions and are just an example of what can be found with a metal detector (Actual values may vary and change.)

CoinsEstimated Value
1849 – $20 Liberty Head, Gold Double EagleEstimated $17 Million
1804 – Turban Head Gold $10 EagleEstimated $4.4m
1854-S – Coronet Head Gold $5 Half EagleEstimated $4.4m
723 – Umayyad Gold DinarEstimated $4.8m
1343 – Edward III FlorinEstimated $6.8m
1787 – Brasher DoubloonEstimated $7.4m
1870-S – Indian Princess Head Gold $3:Estimated $6.6m
1822 – Capped Bust Gold $5 Half EagleEstimated $8.15m
1933 – Saint Gaudens Gold $20 Double EagleEstimated $8.64m
1870 S – Seated Liberty Dollar – SilverEstimated $1,092,250
1797 – Draped Bust Half-Dollar – SilverEstimated $1,527,500
1894-S – Barber dime – SilverEstimated $1,997,500
409/6 BC – Decadrachm – SilverEstimated $2,918,000
1704 – Ivan VI Pattern Silver Rouble, RussiaEstimated $3,858,850
1885 – Trade DollarEstimated $3,960,000
1804 – Bust Dollar – Class IEstimated $4,140,000
1794 – Flowing Hair DollarEstimated $10 million
1913 – Liberty Head V NickelEstimated $3,428,950
1873 – CC Seated Liberty Half DollarEstimated $44,275
Best metal detecting finds – List of Valuable Coins.

Most of the best coins you find will not be in perfect condition. So while they may not be as valuable as some coins estimated here, they are still made of gold and silver and are rare enough to be valuable. Make sure you check your collection with this ultimate coin list.

Estimated values Source-1 and Source-2.

Can You Find Rare Objects With Metal Detectors?

You might find it hard to believe that treasure hunters used metal detectors to find these types of objects out in the wilderness. High-quality metal detectors have been used by thousands of treasure hunters, like me, to find valuable objects like coins, rings, and other forms of jewelry.

It might not be super likely that you’re going to find an ultra-rare hoard of gold, but you may find a silver coin from the 1800s or some lost jewelry that could be worth a reasonable amount of money. If you search long enough, you’ll eventually find something that makes your search worth all of the time, money, and effort that you’ve put into it.

There are truly no limits to what you might find when using a metal detector. Staying motivated and selecting a reasonable location to begin your search are important factors that could contribute to your success in the long term. All it takes is one major jackpot that could change your life forever. Just imagine being the person that finds some ultra-rare coins that are worth thousands of dollars apiece.

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Where Are The Best Metal Detecting Locations For Hitting The Jackpot? 

Old abandoned mines are extremely popular locations for metal detecting enthusiasts because there’s an extremely good chance that some valuable objects from the mine could have been left behind or lost on the ground. This is one of the reasons that so many amazing objects have been found at these types of locations.

Beaches are also extremely popular for metal detecting because any object could be lost in the ocean and wash up on the beach. Some of the best metal detecting finds have occurred on a beach because rare objects have simply washed up onto the sand. Imagine traveling to the beach and using your metal detector to find an ultra-rare piece of jewelry that has been lost in the ocean for years.

Beaches and mines aren’t the only locations that you should consider searching at. You could find valuable objects just about anywhere. There have been stories of century-old buried loot being found by amateur treasure hunters using basic metal detectors in random locations.

It can be a good idea to travel to locations of historical significance. For example, the California Gold Rush was a significant historical event that took place in the mid-1800s. Many treasure hunters have returned to some of the California towns that had a major impact in the ‘gold rush’ and it certainly was not uncommon for some of them to find valuable items when making their return to these historical locations.

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The Future of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting technology is improving and the ability to detect items with a metal detector is getting significantly better. This opens the door to the opportunity of finding a treasure that has been elusive to the metal detecting technology of this generation. Treasure hunters and other scavenging enthusiasts are already excited about the future of metal detecting technology because they believe there are many more amazing treasures hidden out in the wilderness just waiting to be found.

While having modern metal detectors can be extremely helpful and increase your chances of finding treasure, it’s still important to remember that some of the most significant treasures have been found with cheap metal detectors as well.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive metal detector to be able to find a valuable treasure. This is an important lesson to remember for treasure hunters of all skill levels. My first metal detector was a cheaper model, which helped me learn, and allowed me to advance to a better machine.

best metal detecting finds
Best Metal Detecting Finds. I have found silver coins at playgrounds! Photo Credit: Treasure Detection.


Now that you have a better understanding of several of the best metal detecting finds, you might be motivated to head out into the wilderness with your own metal detector to see what you find. You could find some amazing treasure out there if you stay dedicated and motivated.

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