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One of the important accessories that you will most likely end up using while magnet fishing is a neodymium fishing magnet. These are excellent for magnet fishing because they are reliable and cost-effective. They are very strong and can be an excellent accessory for a ton of different reasons.

In addition to the rope, you will need an adequate fishing magnet so that you can collect your treasure during your magnet fishing adventure. In this guide, we will review the reasons that neodymium fishing magnets are useful and try to explain what you should expect when you start using them.

It would be impossible to participate in the activity of magnet fishing without a strong and reliable neodymium magnet. They are very powerful and cost-effective, allowing them to be purchased for several different purposes. Magnet fishing is one of the best ways to utilize a neodymium magnet and it doesn’t cost a lot to get started with them. 

We are going to provide you with several useful magnet fishing tips as well as any important information that you may need when acquiring magnets for magnet fishing. The good news is that you won’t have to break the bank to get started.

What Type of Magnet is Best for Magnet Fishing?

When it comes to magnets for magnet fishing, there is really only one magnet that is going to be strong enough to get the job done and that is the neodymium magnet. These magnets were first designed by General Motors in the 1980s. This was the first magnet to have this much pulling power. Source.

There are tons of different kinds of magnets out there, but when you are trying to pull up a 100-pound item, you are going to need the power of the neodymium. I’ve tried multiple kinds of magnets. Some work alright for picking up small stuff like nails and iron, but they fall short when magnet fishing.

How Expensive Are Neodymium Magnets?

One of the first questions that will probably pop into your mind is the overall cost for a single neodymium magnet. They are relatively affordable and can be acquired for less than $50. There are several different brands available, each with slightly different features that can help you get started.

You can probably find effective magnets for magnet fishing within your price range, depending on the design features, materials, and customization options. You can expect to spend about the same amount on a sufficient magnet fishing rope. 

There are also some magnet fishing starter kits that include everything that you need to get started. These magnet fishing kits generally include an adequate rope, neodymium magnet, and several additional accessories. You might even be lucky enough to have a thread locker and carabiner included as well. 

How Strong of a Magnet Do You Need for Magnet Fishing?

The answer depends on what your needs are. If you are someone who rarely pulls things out of the water that are hundreds of pounds, then a smaller 200-300 lb magnet would be sufficient. There isn’t much I can’t pull up with my 300 lb magnet.

On the other hand, some magnets are advertised as having the pulling force of 300 lbs, but struggle pulling up even 100 lbs. For this reason, I always go with 500 and above magnets. It can be even safer to go with 1,000 lb and above since it gives you more options with power.

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Top 3 Magnets for Magnet Fishing

Here are a few high-quality magnets that are ideal for magnet fishing. These magnets have just about all of the design features that you need to get started.

It’s important to remember that these magnets are imperative before getting started with your magnet fishing adventure. Take a look at some of the pros and cons for each of these products in the section below.

#1 – DIYMAG Super Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnet

The DIYMAG Neodymium Fishing Magnet has excellent customer ratings for a few different reasons. First of all, it’s extremely affordable and provides a high-quality design with plenty of strength. The magnet is rated to handle up to 500 pounds of weight in several situations. 

The multi-purpose design of these kinds of magnets makes them extremely appealing for several activities, including magnet fishing.


  • Rated to support weight up to 500 pounds.
  • High-Quality Magnet 
  • Cost-Effective Price Range


  • Limited Customization Options

#2 – MHDMAG Double-Sided Fishing Magnet

Don’t underestimate the MHDMAG Double-Sided Fishing Magnet. This cost-effective product selection has several customization options while remaining affordable and durable. The design properties prevent the development of rust and support 500 pounds of weight on each side of the magnet. In addition, there are several size customization options from between 1.8 inches to 5.35 inches in size. 


  • Affordable Price Range
  • Custom Double Sided Fishing Magnet
  • Durable Design Quality for this Fishing Magnet


  • Limited Quantity Available

#3 – Neosmuk Fishing Magnet

The third and final product that we are going to include in this section is the Neosmuk Fishing Magnet which includes a cost-effective price range along with powerful design properties that make it an ideal selection for magnet fishing. 

After buying this product, you will have access to a high-quality magnet that is reliable, sturdy, and effective. This cost-effective fishing magnet is perfect for newcomers and will prepare individuals of all skill levels for magnet fishing. 


  • Completely Cost-Effective Magnet 
  • Includes Two Size Variations
  • Extremely Durable Design Quality


  • Limited Quantity Available

What Are the Dangers of Neodymium Magnets?

The first thing that comes to mind with neodymium magnets is the pulling force. If you get your magnet stuck onto the bottom of a dock or a pier, then getting it unstuck is not going to be easy. This is why having a 3,000 lb magnet can be a bad idea.

You must also keep your electronics away from these magnets. They are powerful enough to cause permanent damage to them. I have a piece of foam that is cut out to the shape of my magnets, that way they always have a surface around them.

Other than that, there are no real dangers to health when holding or dealing with a neodymium magnet. You can touch them with your bare hands and nothing bad is going to happen! They could become rusted, which may be dangerous for your hands. You should always wear gloves when magnet fishing.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have had the opportunity to take a look at the general price range for fishing magnets, it’s a good time to summarize everything that you need to know about neodymium fishing magnets. 

As previously mentioned, they are a necessary accessory for the activity of magnet fishing. You need a reliable magnet that can handle large amounts of weight because the last thing that you want is to find something and lose your magnet because it couldn’t support the object that you were pulling. You should always pair your magnet with a sufficient rope as well because both are extremely important. 

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