Can You Find Coins Magnet Fishing?


Newcomers to the world of magnet fishing are always asking if it is possible to find coins when magnet fishing. It is entirely possible to find coins when magnet fishing and sometimes you will even find a coin that you don’t expect. 

There are quite a few common coins that are circulating that you might be able to find while magnet fishing. Many coins that are used in the United Kingdom are magnetic, including nearly all of the coin denominations below 10p that have been created after 2011. These magnetic coins can easily be found while magnet fishing along with several other rarer coins that might also be magnetic. 

Magnet fishing might be a fun hobby for some individuals, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a coin that will make you rich. Many of the most valuable coins are unfortunately not magnetic, which would make it nearly impossible to find when magnet fishing unless it was lodged up against a magnetic coin or in some kind of metal container. With that being said, there’s always a chance that you find an unexpected rare magnetic coin that could be worth some money. 

List of Common Magnetic Coins

In this section, you’ll be able to read through some of the most common magnetic coins that you might be able to find while magnet fishing. It’s always possible that you’ll find something unexpected when magnet fishing, but these are the most likely coins that you should expect to find in bodies of water. 

  • United Kingdom 10p Coins (2011 and Later)
  • United Kingdom 5p Coins (2011 and Later)
  • United Kingdom 2p Coins (1992 and Later)
  • United Kingdom 1p Coins (1992 and Later)
  • United States Steel Cent (1943)

These are some of the most common types of magnetic coins that can be found while magnet fishing. The United Kingdom has quite a few modern coins that have magnetic properties while the United States is only recognized for having the ‘Steel Cent’ that was produced around 1943. Source.

Many valuable coins and collectible coins are not magnetic and therefore they are unlikely to be found while magnet fishing. This is definitely disappointing for many individuals that enjoy magnet fishing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t find a valuable object in some capacity. 

Several other countries may have magnetic coins as well. Many of them are likely to be small-denomination coins, so you probably won’t be selling any of the coins that you find for an overwhelming amount of cash. 


Why Aren’t There More Magnetic Coins?

Many of the rarest coins are simply not produced with enough magnetic material to make them attracted to a magnet. Nearly all of the coins produced after 1992 in the United Kingdom are now using copper-plated steel. This allows modern U.K. coins to be magnetic while older coins from the U.K. are not. 

If you look at American coins, most of them will simply not be attracted to a magnet because there is not enough nickel to produce an attraction to a magnet. This is true for many of the rarest coins that have ever been produced and it’s unlikely that the United States will change the way that they produce coins in the future. Some of the most valuable coins are silver and gold, which do not stick to a magnet.

What Types Of Coins Are Magnetic?

From a general perspective, you’re probably wondering what exactly makes a coin magnetic? Any coin that has a sufficient amount of iron content in the steel core of the coin will generate a magnetic reaction from the coin.

Most modern United Kingdom coins that are produced are now magnetic because they were produced with plated steel. 

What Other Objects Might You Find While Magnet Fishing?

Even if you aren’t able to find any exciting coins while magnet fishing, it’s still entirely possible that you’ll find other unique objects that might be interesting. A lot of people have reported finding secret cash boxes and hardware items like tools. 

Some people have even reported finding stranger objects like dog tags, fishing hooks, or even weaponry. Coins can be found in purses that have magnetic components as well as money boxes and safes. Remember that if you find anything that you think could be tied to a crime, that you need to report it before you can keep it. You may also find dangerous items, which also need to be reported.

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You never know what you might find when magnet fishing and it’s always exciting to visit new locations to see what you might be able to discover. In the next section, you will have the opportunity to take a look at some of the best locations for magnet fishing. 

Best Locations For Magnet Fishing

It can be challenging to try and figure out which areas or regions might be best for magnet fishing. There are several great locations that you could consider. These locations might include rivers, lakes, or creeks. 

Many people recommend shallow bodies of water for magnet fishing because they are common locations where you might find magnetic objects. 

Old water wells and sewer systems have also been reported as appealing locations for magnet fishing enthusiasts. You might be able to find coins, tools, and other types of metallic objects in these locations while magnet fishing. 

Common Locations for Magnet Fishing

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Creeks
  • Water Well
  • Sewer System
  • Waterfalls

You might be able to find your own unique locations for magnet fishing by thinking outside of the box. If you can’t figure out where to go, maybe consider trying one of the types of locations that are listed above. 

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If you have a general goal of finding coins while magnet fishing, then you should specifically keep an eye out for the list of magnetic coins that has been provided. These are the most common types of coins that you will be able to find.

Be prepared to find unexpected metallic objects as well. Several of these common types of objects have also been listed but you never know what you might find. You may find a valuable metallic object that has been lost by somebody else in one of the common magnet fishing locations. 

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