Can Metal Detectors Detect Diamonds?


Metal detectors have come a long way over the years. Technology is always advancing and something new comes out pretty often. I’ve been asked before, do metal detectors detect diamonds? 

The answer is no. Diamonds and most gemstones do not contain metal and cannot be detected by a metal detector. There are specialty diamond detectors that can detect diamonds. There is also a chance you may find indicator minerals, which is a sign that gold or diamonds are near.

I’ve found a huge variety of items with my metal detector, coins, gold, jewelry, relics, and more. I’ve found jewelry that gemstones were attached to, but I’ve never found a diamond or gemstone that was alone.

If you are after diamonds and gemstones, then you would be better off with an actual diamond detector or studying indicator minerals, that can help you prospect an area for gold and diamonds.

Can a Metal Detector Detect a Diamond?

Metal detectors cannot detect non-metal items like diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. Metal detectors are great for searching for metal items such as coins, relics, and gold. If you find a raw gold nugget with your metal detector, then there is a good chance that diamonds could be nearby.

Both gold and diamonds are usually found together or near each other at different locations. Diamonds are gemstones that form naturally in areas where there has been volcanic activity. The same goes for gold, you are more likely to find gold veins near lava tubes or areas where volcanic activity was once present. 

Time and erosion eventually carry these minerals down rivers and streams, where many gold prospectors find them. You’re not going to find a diamond with a metal detector, but the detector could help you find other minerals that are a sign of diamonds and gold being near. See our article for – Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold here.

Is There a Metal Detector for Diamonds

There are specialty diamond detectors that can find diamonds and gemstones deep down in the ground. These detectors can be pricey and are mostly used by professionals. Some detectors are made specifically for prospecting. These detectors can find minerals that are located near diamonds and gold.

Some hobby metal detectors can also be used to find mineral indicators. When searching for gemstones, diamonds, and even gold, you will want to know exactly what kinds of minerals are found near these types of treasures.

What Minerals Can Be Found With a Metal Detector

You can use a metal detector to find minerals that are indicators that diamonds or gold are nearby. These minerals are going to have to have some type of metal in them, or conduct electricity. There are not many minerals that do this.

Minerals that can be found in metal detecting:

  • Magnetite
  • Pyrrhotite
  • Copper filled agate
  • Iron-rich boulders

If you are a rockhound, then chances are you have wondered if a metal detector would make your job easier. There are some rocks and boulders that have copper, silver, and even gold in them.

These types of rocks would most likely give off some type of signal, however, you will need to play around with your detector on sample rocks to be able to home in on the type of sound and frequency is used when finding those items.

What Are Mineral Indicators?

Mineral indicators are exactly what we have mentioned above. Diamonds are located near other minerals, which can help you discover an area that could have diamonds. The biggest clue that diamonds are nearby is gold. If you have found a gold nugget or a vein of gold, then that could lead you to also find diamonds.

Mineral indicators for diamonds:

  • Magnetite
  • Glassy green olivine
  • Chromium garnets
  • Black picroilmenite

These minerals can all be an indicator that there is gold or diamonds in the area. Someone very good at identifying gold will have a much easier time using a metal detector to find deposits of gold and then, maybe diamonds.

Can a Metal Detector Find a Diamond Ring?

This is the most common way for you to find a diamond. Since metal detectors cannot find and pinpoint diamonds, you are going to want to look for other metals such as gold and silver. Many diamond rings are made out of gold and silver.

You also have the chance of finding other gemstones, since many rings have a multitude of other gemstones in their design. If you have lost your diamond wedding ring in your yard, or at a park, then you have a chance of finding it with a metal detector.

Diamond ring I found while metal detecting.

Can You Find Jewelry With a Metal Detector?

Diamonds can be found along with other types of jewelry. You may find a diamond necklace that is made out of gold or a silver pendant with a diamond on it. Finding jewelry is one of the most sought-after treasures when metal detecting.

If you have ever been lucky enough to find jewelry while metal detecting, then you know just how exciting a find like that can be. Diamonds can be found on watches, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and more.

In areas where I have found jewelry, I usually find more than one piece, although this is not always the case. When I find something exciting I tend to extend the range I’m working with to find more. On some rare occasions, you may even find a hidden cache of jewelry, that was buried long ago.

You can use just about any metal detector to find stuff, however, you can find the metal detector that I use here!

Gemstones Found While Metal Detecting for Gold

As we have mentioned, along with gold, you can usually find other exciting items, such as gemstones. Diamonds are sometimes found in the same area where gold is found. Diamonds have been proven to be formed over millions or even billions of years. Source.

Knowing that gemstones and gold are found together, can give a prospector an edge when looking for precious items. With the right knowledge and use of a metal detector, you can find diamonds and other gemstones by first tracking down gold and silver deposits.

Where Can You Find Diamonds

Since diamonds occur naturally, during the formation of coal, then looking for diamonds in areas where coal has been found, or areas that have a history of volcanic activity can be a great place to start. Many forms of gemstones, diamonds, and gold make their way down from mountains, through rivers and streams.

Diamonds and gemstones that occur naturally are not polished the same way gemstones and jewelry are. When you are looking for a diamond, chances are you might pass right by it. They are uncut, dirty, and need identification. Most diamonds are found in other countries like Africa, however, there are some places in the United States where diamonds have been found.

The only active diamond mine in the United States is the Crater of Diamonds Mine, in Pike County, Arkansas. Prospectors have been finding diamonds there since the 1970s. Source.

Related Questions

Can metal detectors find white gold?

Metal detectors can find white gold. The sound the metal detector makes when passing over gold is similar to aluminum pull tabs. White gold can give a more faint signal and can be harder to detect.

Can metal detectors find bottles?

Metal detectors cannot detect glass unless there is metal attached to the bottle. So metal detectors cannot find just bottles. Often you will find bottles after finding other metal relics or items.

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